Death of Claude Samuel, tireless defender of contemporary music

The journalist Claude Samuel died in a Paris hospital on Sunday 14 June at the age of 88, a man close to Pierre Boulez who, through his many writings and his work in the field in favour of contemporar… Sponsored by the composer and conductor Maurice Le Roux, Claude Samuel collaborated from 1957 on the Philips-Réalités collection , for which he wrote discographic notices, and the following year undertook an ambitious Panorama of Contemporary Music which was published in 1962 by Gallimard.The composers Karlheinz Stockhausen (Cologne), Karl-Amadeus Hartmann (Vienna), Luigi Nono (Venice) and Bruno Maderna (Milan) were the main beacons of this first journey.

"La Taillade de Nino Ferrer", the refuge

An artist, his home.That's the simple idea that Patrick Poivre d'Arvor had and that he has been declining every summer for almost ten years.The camera interferes in the private places where Em......